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xLogic SuperRelay (Micro PLC)
xLogic SuperRelay Overview
ELC-6 Series (Smart Relay)
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Standard ELC-12 Series
Upgraded ELC-18 Series
xLogic Text Panel
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ELC-22 Series
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Expansions for ELC-22/26
x-Messenger GSM/GPRS PLC
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4.3 Inch Touch screen

xLogicSoft Overview


xLogicSoft allows the user easy programming and configuration of each module directly from the user PC or Laptop. With guaranteed “free for life” software updates you will always have access to the latest software enhancements. Download the software and evaluate at ease via our website. Click here to start your download!

• Free of Charge.
• East & quick function block programming.
• Free upgrading to future software versions.
• Online Monitoring / Offline Simulation mode


xLogicSoft makes programming fast, yet simply elegant. Create ladder and function block diagrams with ease by selecting, dragging and dropping functions and making the logical connections. The included offline simulator for both the ‘function block’ or ‘ladder’ representation, allows programs to be tested and debugged without any connected hardware, providing significant savings on installation time and cost. Professional documentation generation is automated during program editing and configuration.xLogicSoft – simply professional
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Together with the xLogicSoft software, configuring of the logic module is simply intuitive: program generation, project simulation and documentation are accomplished using drag and drop functionality, allowing maximum ease of operation.

Design and functions

The xLogicSoft software does it all – generating and testing control programs, simulating all functions and of course documentation is sensationally easy with xLogicSoft using drag & drop on your PC. This is how it is done:

Creating control programs

Select function and position on the drawing surface
Link selected functions by means of connecting lines
Set function parameters using clear dialog window

Commissioning with xLogic

•Simulation of the entire switching process using all functions on the PC
•Analog signals can be simulated with real values (e. g. temperature – 20 ºC to + 80 ºC)
•Time-controlled/cyclic simulation 
•Simulation of clock time
•virtual xLogic HMI can be viewed and operated (display and program) like the actual hardware in the simulation
•Status display of all functions, parameters and current values
•Online test with display of statuses and current values of xLogic in RUN mode now in function block

The documentation

•Each function can be provided with additional comments
•Each function can be provided with additional comments
•Any positioning and formatting of free text
•Clear representation of control program across several pages






Using the dialog boxes, function block parameter setup and modification is a




Link function blocks to complete your program. Set up as many as 512(ELC-12) or 256(ELC-18)




Use the “label tool” to write a comment, instruction or help note on the xLogic circuit program screen.

Vivid off-line simulation LCD panel display: available



Digital IO status : available



Analog IO value : available



On-line monitor/test
Multiple registers can be accessed individually.



HMI also can be monitored/operated!



Program priority manager function



All functions overview:


xLogic functions
With the eight basic function and 36 special functions, simple switching programs can be created quickly – either directly on the device or via PC.


The eight basic function



The special functions

ON             OFF            ON/OFF          Retentive     Wiping relay   Edge triggered   Asynchronous 

  delay           delay           delay           on-delay      (pulse output)   wiping relay   pulse Generator


Random          Stairway        Multiple function  Weekly          Yearly          Up/Down        Hours 

Generator         lighting switch   switch           timer            timer           counter          counter



xLogic functions


The special functions






Model selector

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