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x-Messenger(WIFI&GSM PLC) CPU Model Selection chart
Model WIFI Supply Voltage Inputs Analog Input signal Outputs PWM High Speed Count(I7,I8) SMS GPRS  Ethernet Data logging Interface Communication protocol Expansion RTC LCD display with keypad Programming
EXM-12DC-DA-RT-GWIFI YES ( AP or STA ) 12 ~ 24 VDC 4 digital/analog+4 digital 4 DC (0..10V) 2 relay(10A)+2 Transistor(0.3A) yes (I7,I8)60kHz YES YES optional optional 1 RS232 & 1 RS485 Modbus TCP/IP, RTU&ASCII  YES YES YES Customized soft(Function block diagram)

Notes:  A. RS485 port can be  used as either expansion one or communication port,while serving as communication port, EXMRS485 communication expansion module would be required as such port is not photoelectricity-isolated.

Naming rules

EXM : series name(EASY xMessenger)
1. Points of total IOs
2. Power Supply( DC 12~24V, AC 110~240V )
3. Digital/Analog/PT100( D :digital,DA :digital&analog configurable, DAI:digital/(0..10VDC)&(0…20mA),PT100:PT100 signal)
4. Output type(R :Relay, TN : transistor(PNP type) 
5. Special function ( V :voice via GSM network/speaker, C:Webcam connection, N :Ethernet access)


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