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xLogic SuperRelay (Micro PLC)
xLogic SuperRelay Overview
ELC-6 Series (Smart Relay)
Economy ELC-12 Series
Standard ELC-12 Series
Upgraded ELC-18 Series
xLogic Text Panel
xLogic Accessories
xLogic Soft
xLogic Power Supply
ELC-22 Series
ELC-26 Series
Expansions for ELC-22/26
x-Messenger GSM/GPRS PLC
Economy EXM Series
Standard EXM Series
Built-in Voice EXM Series
Built-in Ethernet EXM Series
All In One CPU
Expansions for EXM
x-Messenger Accessories
eSmsConfig Program soft
Ethernet&WIFI PLC
Ethernet CPU
xLogicApp for Andriod
4.3 Inch Touch screen


RS232 communication module /programming cable between PC and xLogic/x-Messenger CPU , or connection cable between xLogic /x-Messenger CPU and HMI with RS232 port( text panel, touch screen)
A.  Communication between EXM CPU and PC via ELC-RS232 diagram (PC need have standard RS232 port).

B.  Communication between EXM CPU and HMI (text panel) diagram (HMI need have standard RS232 port)

ELC-USB cable

USB communication module /download cable between PC and x-Messenger CPU units .(PC need have USB interface)


A.  Communication between EXM CPU and PC via ELC-USB diagram (PC need have standard USB interface).
A. Penta-band GSM Antenna    
B. EXM-ANT(standard accessory with x-Messenger CPU)
C. The antenna with magnetic base
D. T shape antenna
NoteThe Penta-band GSM Antenna is not suitable for installation inside a control panel ( shielding).
Programming cable for the CPU without LCD(built-in B type USB port)


ELC-MEMORYis a data logging device with a mini-SD card for EXM-12 CPUs, specific production or process data(such as I/O status ,analog values, register values etc)can be saved in SD card of ELC-Memory to either read it with a PC or evaluate it from the SD card at the workstation. It's good for data analysis. SD card capacity up to 2 GB(expandable)
Connection between ELC-MEMORY and EXM-12 CPUs 


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