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xLogic SuperRelay (Micro PLC)
xLogic SuperRelay Overview
ELC-6 Series (Smart Relay)
Economy ELC-12 Series
Standard ELC-12 Series
Upgraded ELC-18 Series
xLogic Text Panel
xLogic Accessories
xLogic Soft
xLogic Power Supply
ELC-22 Series
ELC-26 Series
Expansions for ELC-22/26
x-Messenger GSM/GPRS PLC
Economy EXM Series
Standard EXM Series
Built-in Voice EXM Series
Built-in Ethernet EXM Series
All In One CPU
Expansions for EXM
x-Messenger Accessories
eSmsConfig Program soft
Ethernet&WIFI PLC
Ethernet CPU
xLogicApp for Andriod
4.3 Inch Touch screen
File name Version Size Type Update Download
xLogicSoft_V3.3.5.0 V3.3.5.0 21.7M RAR 5JUNE,2018
Ethernet expansion module user manual V2.2 1.35M PDF 21Aug,2013
Modbus RTU PROTOCOL(Memory Map) 310K PDF 28May,2013
Modbus TCP PROTOCOL(Memory Map) 2.1 0.665M PDF 21Mar,2014
x-Messenger manual V1.3 6.13M PDF 21Aug,2013
x-Messenger brochure V1.0 1.86M PDF 15May,2013
U-Touch user manual V3.0 8.98M PDF 11Mar,2013
xLogic user's manual V2.6 11.6M PDF 29Sep,2014
xLogic brochure 2.2 13.1M PDF 5June,2012
xLogic flyer 2.1 0.71M PDF May30,2011
SMS module use manual 2.1 0.868M PDF 30May,2011
Ethernet expansion module user's instruction (applied to ELC-12 & ELC-18) 2.1 0.691M PDF 30May,2011
ELC-Copier usage instruction 2.1 0.148M PDF 30May,2011
xLogic text panel(ELC-MD204) USER MANUAL 2.1 2.99M PDF 30May,2011
x-Messenger software/eSmsConfig V2.4.5.2 14.5M RAR 12Sep,2016
DeviceManager for Ethernet CPU V2.1 464kb RAR 9,May,2016
EXM-USB-B Driver V1.3 21.3K RAR 15May,2013
U-Touch Software V3.0.1 78.2M RAR 11Mar,2013
USB DRIVER(32 bits WINDOWS OP system)   99.3KB RAR 4June,2012
USB DRIVER(64 bits WINDOWS OP system) 64 266KB RAR 4June ,2012
Ethernet driver (applied to ELC-12 & ELC-18)   2.08M RAR 30May,2011
Easy SCADA (applied to ELC&EXM series CPUs) V1.5.1.6 60.07M RAR 13Apr,2017
EasySCADA user manual V1.0 11.88M PDF 31July,2015
xLogic operate panel soft:TP200   3.05M RAR 30May,2011
xLogicApp for Android smart phone and manual   1.66M RAR 3Apr,2014
Firmware for updating ELCEXM CPU   28.9M RAR 30JAg.,2016
Ethernet PLC brochure   0.97M PDF 9May,2014
WIFI PLC brochure   2.57M PDF 9May,2014
ELC-43TS User Guide   0.4M PDF 29Sep,2014
PR series photos   217M RAR 18Jan,2016
Firmware for ELC-18DC-DA-TN-U(pro) 0.99M RAR 6Apr,2016
Website contents 106M RAR 8Ju,2016
Firmware update test   24.3M RAR 8Ju.,2016
Rievtech marketing literature   60.4M RAR 1Jy.,2016
Rievtech product datasheet and wiring   40.2M RAR 1Jy.,2016
xlogicsoft_version   119k txt 10Aug,2016
RTS series touch screen software 357M RAR 10Jly,2017
FLYER original file 276M RAR 12Jly,2017
Touch screen Photos 424 MB RAR 24Jly,2017
RPS Series switch power supply photo 94.2M RAR 24Aug,2017
USB driver for RTS series touchscreen 8.05M RAR 16Nov,2017
xlogicsoft_ver3.0.5.6 17.9M RAR 4Jan,2018
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